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Power Birthing Online Course

Mia teaches you how to have a peaceful birth with less pain.

This is for you if you want to learn how to give birth naturally using the ancient and forgotten techniques where you work with your body and baby for a successful birth.*

Take back control of your birth, feel confident, resourceful, capable and empowered.

This online course also includes lessons for your birth partner, who will learn how to help you, guide you and stand up for you during birth.


*Please note that giving birth is an individual experience, and no birth is the same. There is no guarantee for a natural birth without interventions even if you follow the advice and exercises provided in this course.

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Power birthing is a practical, easy to learn and a no-nonsense approach to giving birth, and you can learn it from the comfort of your own home.

You will get:

  • 10 months access
  • 5 modules including 5-6 lessons
  • Downloadable pdf’s
  • Practice schedule
  • Audio files with the exercises you need
  • A specific partner module (but your partner can ofcause watch all the videos
  • All the information you need
  • And much more

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Clicking this link will take you to the register page, where you can sign up for the Power Birthing Online Course. Get yourself comfy and start preparing for that ultimate life changer. Feel empowered, prepared and excited. You are about to learn all you need to have a great birth smile

I never knew going into birthing of my baby could feel so relaxed and powerful. I absolutely love how I just knew what I needed to do after taking Mia’s Power birthing course. It was great team work between my partner and I to give birth to our daughter. The midwife could almost have gone to coffee and we could have handled it our selves. 🙂


Mia’s course helped me to feel confident about my upcoming birth, and I had the most empowering birth I could have wished for!

Jane, first time mom

I started using Mia’s Power Birthing course because I got it as a gift from my mother in law. AFter watching the first module I was all in and very excited. I had a terrible first birth with my first born, and was very scared of giving birth again. The techniques and exercises work! I welcomed my daughter into this world feeling empowered as Mia promised and I had steel focus during the whole birth. My husband even had tasks to do the whole way through and got to cut the umbilical cord. I can’t recommend Mia’s Power Birhting enough!


Second time mom